đánh đề onlineAt UTS we are always on the lookout for talented teachers with a passion for education to include on our list of Supply Teachers.   At this time our supply list is complete. 

đánh đề onlineIf you are a teacher in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and are looking to teach in supply capacity, please visit us again in March to see if we have any openings.  

All expressions of interest for Teaching must be sumbitted online   If you are interested in exploring other opportunities at UTS, please visit our .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for getting on the Supply Teachers' List?

  1. You must submit the following set of documents
    1. An up to date résumé
    2. A cover letter complete with local Toronto address and phone number.  Your letter should specify your availability (days/times that you are available for supply work).
    3. Your most recent vulnerable sector police reference check (preferably completed within 6 months)
    4. Certificate of Qualifications and registration, or Interim Certificate of Qualifications or Letter of Eligibility from the Ontario College of Teachers
  1. Once you submit your application, UTS will review your documentation.  Teachers who are selected to be candidates on our Supply list will be contacted within 10 business days to come in for an interview.  Due to high volume of applications we do not contact applicants who are not selected for an interview.

What is the deadline to get my name added to the Occasional Teachers' Lists?

đánh đề onlineCompleted, recommended applications are accepted on an on-going basis.

How do I know when my application has been processed?

  1. Human Resources will notify you if your application is being considered for the Supply Teaching list. 
  2. If your application is selected you will receive an email inquiring about your availability and requesting you to provide the names of three (3) professional references. 
  3. You will be required to provide your consent to have Human Resources contact your references.  Once your reference check is completed you will be invited in for an interview.

How much work will I get?

This will vary on the number of subject areas you are qualified to teach as well as the demand we have in these areas through the year.

What is the rate of pay?

đánh đề onlineThe daily rate of pay is $215.00

Where can I see Long Term Occasional (LTO) teaching postings?

An LTO refers to an assignment that lasts for 20 consecutive instructional days or more replacing the same teacher.   LTO assignments are posted on an as-needed basis and can be viewed under:  category of Academic/Teaching.  You can also find our LTO postings on the Conference of Independent Schools (CIS) website. 

Thank you for your interest in teaching at University of Toronto Schools.


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