When UTS opened its doors in 1910, our now iconic street number – 371 – sat proudly over the main entrance, the gateway to our school, and it is still there today. Hence @371: a gateway to school news, views, and insights.

Out and About | 18-Jun-2020
  It was a night of nights. After more than three months of Google Meets and Zoom calls, and occasional social distance drive-by visits, the Class of 2020 at last gathered together again, for one special night at the drive-in to celebrate the end of their time at UTS, and say goodbye.... READ MORE
| 8-May-2020
The UTS community lost a true champion, with the sad news of the passing of esteemed UTS Board Director Arthur Scace C.M. ’56, on Sunday, May 3 in Toronto at the age of 81. Arthur’s legacy and commitment to University of Toronto Schools is vast. At UTS, he was involved in student leadership as a... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 17-Apr-2020
UTS dove into the brave, new world of online education, in just over a week, as a rapid-fire response to the COVID-19 crisis. Our teachers returned from March Break on March 23, to new roles as online educators. On March 24, the school launched online learning, striving for the personal touch of... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 6-Apr-2020
By Caitlin Gaffney, UTS French Teacher       We would not be returning to UTS as we knew it. Over March Break, this realization dawned upon UTS teachers, staff, and students alike. The unprecedented global action to combat COVID-19 required a critical response to... READ MORE
| 16-Mar-2020
Marina Jimenez ’82 has been a UTS donor and volunteer for twenty-five years. She pursued her dream of becoming a journalist after graduating with a Master of Arts from University College of London. Her interest in Latin America and her passion to uncover the issues around immigration and... READ MORE
| 6-Mar-2020
Explanatory Note: The below was written by the Head of Academics, Marc Brims, with input and advice from UTS Elder-in-Residence, Cat Criger.   Last year as part of my professional development with Cohort 21 (a CIS Professional Learning Community of Educators) I was inspired to begin to... READ MORE
| 22-Jan-2020
For the Huang family, giving back is an intrinsic part of their lives and they have never shied away from getting involved in the causes they value. Recent UTS alumna and school Co-Captain, Cameron Linhares-Huang ’19 and her parents Henry ’86 and Albina Huang wholeheartedly agree that supporting... READ MORE
| 27-Nov-2019
Jump to a section The UTS Bursary Story Meet some of the UTS Bursary Recipients       “UTS has made me into me; it has put before me a blank slab of marble and thrust into my arms the hammer and chisel I need to shape my visions into reality.... READ MORE
| 18-Nov-2019
This summer M4 (Grade 10) student Alastair Thorburn-Vitols spent two weeks in Greenland and Nunavut with a program called Students on Ice.   130 students from around the world, half of which were Indigenous, completed the voyage with 80 climate scientists, geologists, historians,... READ MORE
| 14-Nov-2019
"It's really important that we get youth involved in understanding and being aware of all the conversations around machine learning." -Ryan Alizadeh '20, student organizer   On October 24, nearly 100 students from schools across the GTA gathered at the Rotman School of Management... READ MORE



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