When UTS opened its doors in 1910, our now iconic street number – 371 – sat proudly over the main entrance, the gateway to our school, and it is still there today. Hence @371: a gateway to school news, views, and insights.

Senator Victor Oh, a champion of children and the importance of education, visited UTS last month to determine how he can best support students. Senator Oh has made advocacy on both of those files the focus of his time in the Upper Chamber. The Senator visited UTS last month at the... READ MORE
| 27-Jun-2019
As one of many UTS students to participate and succeed in international STEM competitions, Anna has used her mathematical talents as a passport to unique experiences in different parts of the world. In April 2019, Anna travelled to Ukraine for the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad, competing at... READ MORE
Out and About | 18-Apr-2019
UTS isn’t a place. It’s a community. Many have said these words, especially in the past few months as the school settled into its temporary location at 30 Humbert Street. But S5 (Grade 11) student Lian took tangible steps to demonstrate that the strength of UTS is in its people. Last fall, Lian... READ MORE
Out and About | 5-Mar-2019
In late January, eight UTS students ventured to Japan to participate in the Kakehashi Project, an initiative from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop connections between the host country, Canada and the U.S. The word “kakehashi” means “bridge,” and the students and staff who made the... READ MORE
Out and About | 4-Feb-2019
When Angela arrived at UTS for her M3 (Grade 9) year, her world opened up. She found herself immersed in a variety of extracurricular activities, while her classroom experience included a deep dive into some of the most critical challenges that societies across the globe are grappling with. In... READ MORE
| 7-Nov-2018
When Matei, currently an M4 (Grade 10) student, first applied to UTS, he and his family were inspired by the school’s strong academic reputation. And before Matei had even taken his first class, he found reassurance that UTS was where he belonged. “My first interaction with other UTS students... READ MORE
UTS has developed a partnership with Number Two High School Affiliated with East China Normal University (HSEFZ), a state school located in Pudong. Recently, I visited HSEFZ with four S5/S6 students and visual arts teacher Janet Williamson. We stayed for eight days and our students lived in... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 28-Sep-2018
Speech and debate have long been fixtures of the UTS co-curricular experience, and the school’s record of developing oratorical skills and succeeding in competitions goes back decades. Still, the current UTS speech and debate coaches describe this year as a pivotal moment in the program. “It... READ MORE
Out and About | 6-Sep-2018
This fall marks the beginning of an exciting new era at UTS. For the first time in the school’s 108-year history, students and staff will be based at a location other than 371 Bloor Street West, the storied building that will undergo a 21st-century transformation over the next three years.... READ MORE
Out and About | 14-Jun-2018
When it comes to the Ontario Student Classics Conference, Mark Timmins, Department Coordinator for Latin at UTS, says finishing first is far from the most important measure of success. Mark believes that simply by participating in the massive competition based on the cultures of Ancient Rome and... READ MORE



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