When UTS opened its doors in 1910, our now iconic street number – 371 – sat proudly over the main entrance, the gateway to our school, and it is still there today. Hence @371: a gateway to school news, views, and insights.

Out and About | 28-May-2018
As a member of the 2004-2005 University of Toronto Women’s Squash team that won the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championship, Virginia Ki is no stranger to sporting success. In her current role as a Health and Physical Education teacher and coach at UTS, however, she draws less on the... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 15-May-2018
Recently, five groups of M3 (Grade 9) students participated in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada Final event at the John and Margaret Withrow Hall (UTS) auditorium. The competition was an opportunity to demonstrate the research and presentation skills, as well as awareness of critical... READ MORE
In the Classroom | 3-May-2018
For Céline O’Neil ’15 and her brother, S6 student Marcel, UTS—and a passion for technology—is a family affair. With parents who are both electrical engineers, Céline and Marcel might fairly claim a hereditary component to their love of tech. But their experiences at UTS further convinced them to... READ MORE
| 25-Apr-2018
Art teacher Elizabeth Basskin has only been at UTS since January, but she has already brought a unique perspective to the school—while continuing to be part of the art world beyond it. In March, Elizabeth led a workshop for students at her alma mater, Ryerson University. The session focused on... READ MORE
Out and About | 16-Apr-2018
One of the defining characteristics of the UTS student body is a desire to make a tangible, meaningful difference in the world. Test scores, athletic achievements and artistic exhibitions and performances may be measures of short-term success, but effecting global change is where so many of... READ MORE
Out and About | 11-Apr-2018
UTS Day of Pink is an annual tradition at the school, one that provides our students with the opportunity to express their support of a safe and respectful environment for everyone, both inside and outside our walls. Coinciding with the International Day of Pink, the UTS is also an opportunity for... READ MORE
Recently, I had the privilege of being a panelist at a Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS) Women’s Network event that focused on the role of mentors and networking. Along with Patti MacNicol, chief administrative officer for Upper Canada College, and Martha Perry, principal of St.... READ MORE
Out and About | 21-Feb-2018
Each year, the Loran Scholars Foundation recognizes students who distinguish themselves by combining academic performance with co-curricular activity and leadership skills. In other words, Loran Scholars are awarded for their character as much as their intelligence, and the organization... READ MORE
Out and About | 21-Feb-2018
UTS students continue to excel in sports as well as academics, with many of our student athletes delivering memorable performances in recent weeks. In early February, UTS hosted the Downtown Winter Classic volleyball tournament, welcoming schools from across the city to compete in the day-long... READ MORE
A strategic initiative of UTS in our renewed strategic plan is to develop our international partnerships. According to an article in The Globe and Mail, published on November 7th, “Canada should launch an ambitious new program to send college and university students abroad in an effort to prepare... READ MORE



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